My favorite analogy for one of the early steps in the franchise discovery process is: the first meeting with a new franchise is remarkably similar to a first date. For example, which of the two am I describing below?

  • You are probably nervous but excited and full of questions
  • You are afraid to say or do the wrong thing
  • First impressions count and could determine how the rest of the interaction proceeds
  • Attitude is everything
  • The end result could be a “first date from Hell” or the start of a meaningful relationship

Trick question – the above applies to both.

The key recommendation that all candidates should consider when meeting a franchise for the first time: both parties have a say in whether there is a relationship possibility. It is a common misconception that the candidate is automatically going to be awarded a franchise territory (“they need me more than I need them”). In reality, it is a MUTUAL agreement for things to progress beyond the first meeting. If the franchise perceives that you may not have the right mindset or qualifications (or if you are a complete jerk – and yes, I’ve had clients that were jerks), the “first date” may be the last.

The approach I recommend – be serious, answer questions honestly (they are going to want to learn as much about you as you are about them), ask meaningful questions and be respectful. If you take away the ability to make your own decision about moving further in the process then this may not be the right path for you.

It is a MUTUAL agreement for things to progress beyond the first meeting… the “first date” may be the last.

The early stages of a franchise (or personal) introduction should be fun, interesting and potentially the start of an engaging relationship (no pun intended). Make the choice to move forward one that YOU make (not the franchise) and the overall process will be much more rewarding … whatever decision you make.

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