Monthly Newsletters

January 2023

  • Monthly Tip: Determine your financial strategy early
  • The Year in Franchising
  • Hot Trends in Franchising for 2023
  • Selling Your Franchise in Three Simple Steps

February 2023

  • Monthly Tip: Don’t overwhelm yourself
  • Three Factors that Reduce Business Risk in Franchising
  • 100 Game Changers for 2022
  • How to be a Successful Franchise Owner in 2023

March 2023

  • Monthly Tip: There is no downside to learning
  • How do you Measure Business Risk in Franchising
  • Are Franchise Consultants for Real?
  • What do Prospective Franchise Owners Want in 2023

April 2023

  • Monthly Tip: Embrace your fear
  • Keys to Buying a Franchise you can Afford
  • How to Know if you can Afford a Franchise
  • Should you Invest in a Franchise Resale?

May 2023

June 2023

July 2023

  • Monthly Tip: Be careful with “resales”
  • Warning Signs During your Due Diligence Process
  • Strategies for Attracting Top Talent
  • How to Secure a Favorable Lease

August 2023

  • Monthly Tip: Meeting the Franchisor – first impressions count
  • 5 Ways to Own a Fitness Franchise
  • 10 Benefits of Using a Franchise Advisor
  • Tips for Financing Your Franchise
  • The Appeal of Not-So-Sexy Franchises
  • Writing a Business Plan – Key Elements

September 2023

  • Monthly Tip: A Franchise for Only $30k?
  • Inspiring Books on Franchising
  • SBA Changes Improve Access to Capital
  • 10 Tips for Service-Based Operators
  • Why a Franchise Could Be a Great Side Hustle

October 2023

  • Monthly Tip: Ghostbusting
  • Why Entrepreneurs Invest in Franchises
  • IFPG #1 Franchise Broker Network for 5th Consecutive Year
  • How Senior Care Franchises Meet the Needs of the Aging Population

November 2023

  • Monthly Tip: Embrace the Chaos
  • 5 Steps to Franchising your Business
  • Combatting Self-doubt as an Entrepreneur
  • How to Survive Your First Year of Franchise Ownership

December 2023

  • Monthly Tip: If now isn’t the right time, when is?
  • Why Veterans Succeed in Franchising
  • 3 Ways to Own a Senior Care Franchise
  • The Rise of Wellness Franchises

January 2024

  • Monthly Tip: Make This a Year of Exploration versus Regret
  • Benefits of Owning a Green Franchise
  • Financing a New Franchise Location
  • 2024 HR Trends for Franchise Owners

February 2024

  • Monthly Tip: Never Fall in Love on the First Date
  • Avoid Mistakes with Site Selection
  • Top 2024 Wellness Brands
  • Why a Recession is a Win for Franchising
  • Opening a New Location – Construction

March 2024

  • Monthly Tip: Stop Looking for Happiness in the Same Place You Lost It
  • Why Women Make Great Franchise Owners
  • Fifteen Questions to Ask a Franchisee
  • 2023 Franchise Growth Topped Projections
  • Opening a New Location- Permitting

April 2024

  • Monthly Tip: Don’t Borrow if You Can Borrow from Yourself
  • Beyond Burgers: Fast-Food Trends for 2024
  • Work-Life Balance Through Franchising
  • Opening a New Location- Training
  • Choosing the Perfect First Franchise Location

May 2024

  • Monthly Tip: Know Your Business Ownership Style
  • What to Expect in Your First Year
  • 10 Best Options to Finance a Business
  • 5 Reasons to Consider Franchising when Changing Careers
  • Opening a New Location- Marketing

June 2024

  • Monthly Tip: The 20-40-20 Rule
  • Start with the End in Mind: Questions to Ask Now
  • Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting
  • what are the Biggest Mistakes New Franchisees Make?
  • Questions to Ask During the Franchise Validation Process

July 2024

  • Monthly Tip: Is Franchise Ownership Right for You? Take the Quiz
  • Benefits of Home Service Franchises
  • Ways to Increase Social Visibility
  • Taking over a Family Multi-unit
  • Funding Strategies